The start of the end of the use-and-throw society

The vast majority of us have recognised that we can't buy and throw like before. The overconsumption of the earth's resources must stop. We need to change. We want to change.

But the big change has not been made. Despite the desire to live more sustainable lives, we struggle to change our own behaviour. In the absence of good solutions, the status quo is maintained.

At Tings, we believe the transformation will only take place when it becomes as easy and satisfying to take care of things as buying new.

We believe, moreover, that everyone has to profit from the fact that things last. Not only consumers, but also stores and manufacturers.

We create transformative technology that makes this possible, and we invite you to join the journey. Take care of our future, one thing at a time.

The hard facts


Below 3%

of the things we buy form part of a circular value chain



Rubbish is thrown away on average every year per Norwegian


4 out of 5

will change their habits to live more climate-friendly

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