Get your purchases automatically

There are a lot of people who want your stuff to last. We partner with several stores that allow you to bring your purchases into Tings completely automatically. Here's how it works:

1. Enable “Automatically collect purchases”

The first time you use Tings you will be asked to enable “Automatically collect purchases”. Here you can choose which stores you want to pick up purchases from. You can also activate or update “Automatically collect purchases” at any time, inside the profile page within the app.

2. Watch past purchases pop up

With your approval, we use your phone number to retrieve purchase history at selected stores. Here's how to get up things you've bought several years back. This can vary depending on how long different stores store history.

3. Get new purchases automatically

When “Automatically collect purchases” is activated, new items you purchase will appear in the app, shortly after payment. Here's how to get full control! Remember that you need to provide your phone number in the store for it to work.

We are constantly working to find more stores to partner with. As a user, you will be notified when new stores are available for activation.