Get help to fix anything

Even those of us who feel pretty handy need a little help every once in a while. We own so many different things that it's almost impossible to know how to take care of everything, or fix things that get broken. Fortunately, at Tings we have real people standing by to help you.

Fix button

Start by finding your thing in the app and tap “Fix”. There you will either find the service or spare part you need directly, or you can tell us what you need. Since Tings already knows which product it is and where and when it is purchased, we can easily contact the manufacturer, store or our network to give you a good answer.

Chat with us

Sometimes it's not as easy to describe the error, or maybe you just have a question you need answered. Then you can instead chat with us directly in the app and we will help you figure it out.

Meet Karl, our Human Intelligence

Technology has come a long way, but when you need help it is often best to talk to a human being. That's why we have people like Karl who are constantly eager to help. Our goal is to make it easier to ask questions, and to give everyone a person they can talk to about tinkering.

Why is it free?

We've created Tings to contribute to the end of the use-and-throw community. Then repair and maintenance will have to be much easier than it is today. By helping you find great solutions to real-world problems, we gain unique insights that help us develop the circular services of tomorrow.